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We stand behind those who want to manufacture or production such as that. padded mattress manufacturers for the beginning of the enrichment of the range of services we offer, Peds, VISCOL of our zippered mattress covers, including piping or manufacturing is available. The biggest advantages of our service, which is difficult to manufacture the mattress pad mattress covers labor costs have prepared assuming that we can prepare easily apply the spring carcass. Whether you want to zip all of our varieties are also available to get up off the wick.

Same time;

  • Bedding fabrics in different weights
  • It felt kind of different specifications and weights
  • Fiber Types
  • Spring varieties (Hercules, Bonnell, Package arc, etc.)
  • Ready to jump and flat woven pattern quilted varieties
  • With desired properties and density of the foam varieties (Flexi Soft, Visco, High, Marking, Bondex (Graner)
  • Base frame (Properties changed skeletons ready.)

We bring to you the advantages of diversifying your productivity with smart supply can develop our product range.