Textile Healthy Sleep dream world?
Imagine Textile M is a brand of Sleep, Kayseri in 15.000 m2 closed area, spring and unsprung bed, sometimes, the title, baby playpen beds, baby spring mattress, medical products and visco filled with various sizes are manufactured pillows. after sales as well as pre-sales since 2007, which continued consumer satisfaction, develops and manufactures products which conform to international standards with innovative parallel structure to the changing market conditions.
Mr Sleep, designed to correct for a healthy sleep and keep in line with the needs of consumers by producing products with different properties at the highest level of sleeping comfort.
Imagine textile, spring mattress bed that serves produce viscose production in various models, including various fillers and priority. At the same time always comfortable for consumers in high density in the foreground and offer convenience with the visco foam. Especially as the baby is making production partner of the leading companies in the industry, it is renewing its product range every day. Recently, medical and hospital beds imagination began to announce his name in the production of textiles, it is win the ropes in this sector.
Our goal is to progress fast and sure steps towards tomorrow Turkey’s Healthy Sleep is the world as it is today.